Thursday, June 8, 2017

Single sex school is the best.
I think single sex school is the best because girls/boys won’t get distracted by eachother eg: relationships, fights, urgments over people.
When the schools are seperated that means we can get our work done and not be distracted by one another. Because some boys or girls can be shy presenting in front of another sex. My own thought is boys and girls should be seperated for a good reason because they will get things done!!! (82)

Correctly punctuate these sentence.

What a fantastic place where the safari park is. Why haven’t you been to visit. There are mischievous monkeys giant giraffes and crawling crocodiles. As for other the other animals the list is endless lions, elephants,peacocks,pythons and so many more. There is something to watch all the time a monkey swinging from a climbing, frame a peacock catching food, a lion climbing a ladder. If you are interested in food a delicious menu is available with indoor and outdoor eating. Are you still too busy to visit. “Surely not” The park is open everyday between 8am to 8pm. So book a date now. The animals are expecting you.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nearest to 10:
1. 30
2. 140
3. 50
4. 180
5. 90
6. 230
7. 70
8. 270
9. 130
10. 340

Nearest to 100:
1. 100
2. 1300
3. 100

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Write these words into decimal numbers:

  1. three point six seven
  2. ninety-one point zero seven
  3. one point nine five three
  4. three thousand and five point four
  5. seven point one two
  6. one point zero three five
  7. two hundred and sixty-nine point five
  8. ninety-three point four
  9. thirty-one point nine


  1. 3.67
  2. 91.07
  3. 1.953
  4. 3005.4
  5. 7.12
  6. 1.035
  7. 269.5
  8. 93.4
  9. 31.9

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Taha Tinana (Physical)
I like to stay active with stuff like sports, netball, basketball, softball, is soccer etc. I sometimes eat healthy mostly fruit I hate veggies!

Taha Hinengaro (Mental/Emotional)
Mental health is a part of Emotional, Psychological, and Social well-being. It can affect the way we think, feel, and act which can help us find out how we handle Stress. Emotional health is a state of positiveness, it is an experience of what we think, feel, and act.

Taha Wairua (Spiritual)
My beliefs are that people shouldn't have to live up to other people's expectations and that they can be themselves without anyone's approval. And yeah.

Taha Whanau (Social)

Im lucky that I have my family, my cousins, aunties, uncles, koros, nans, and my mum who looked after me by herself.

Te Papa serves Bug Burger
Te Papa, our national museum, has a new dish on the menu a burger made of insects.The Bug Slider is made with locusts, and is served with kūmara chips and lime ant aioli.

It’s available for a limited time only, to apply with the museum’s Bug Lab exhibition, which runs until April 17. The burger comes with a full locust on top and costs $9.50.

Insects are an easy source of protein and fat, crickets, grubs, grasshoppers, ants, scorpions and tarantulas are commonly eaten all around the world.

In New Zealand, the juicy huhu grub is a delicacy in the traditional Māori diet. Huhu grubs are the larvae of the huhu beetle. Eaten raw.

Green Party wants compulsory Te Reo in all schools
The Green Party has called for compulsory te reo Maori lessons for all school students up to year 10.

“The Green Party supports teaching te reo Maori to every New Zealand child and is committed to achieving it,” Green Party Maori development spokesperson Marama Davidson said.

Davidson said “there was a responsibility to ensure that the Maori language not just survives, but thrives in Aotearoa”.

Over recent decades te reo Maori has increased in popularity. However, information from 2013 showed that only 3.7 per cent of New Zealanders spoke te reo Maori and the percentage of Maori who can hold a conversation in te reo Maori is falling. NZ Educationally Institute president Lynda Stuart welcomed the policy, but said more government investment was needed if it was going to succeed.


Fire at St John's Church caused by failure of fluorescent lights

The church, on the corner of Ranolf and Victoria Sts, was gutted by fire last Wednesday, with police saying they believed the fire was suspicious. They appealed for anyone who saw a person or people near the church before the fire or running away from it soon after. The fire at Rotorua's St John's Church was not deliberately lit but was caused by the failure of a set of fluorescent lights, an investigation has found. But Mr Bootten said the fire started inside a set of fluorescent lights above the altar in the main part of the building and spread rapidly.

"We had lots of information come in from the public ... but the fire investigation has eliminated any fire starting from the outside of the building.

"We have found that in the main altar area within the main auditorium the fire has spread across the roof and through the roof voids to other areas of the church, making it very difficult to contain. It has been a high fire, meaning it's up at ceiling level and in the roof area.”

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sarahs post
  1. If sarah didn't share the pic with anyone else in the first place that person  would n’t be able to share it on social media.


3. If your page isn't private, someone sharing your post on their public page, someone screenshot your post.

4. when you share it to someone you don't know

5. Short term- If the post is about someone else then they could get mad and try fight them, people might post something about the other person for revenge, the person could get blocked.
Long term- it could ruin friendships, lose trust, anything you post can still be around.

  6. Sarahs should not have done the stuff she did.